Debit Cards

The new BMCU debit card has many new features including the ability to have cash back with transactions and will operate in “real” time.  Your changing account balance is always accurate with VISA.

BMCU offers Free VISA  debit cards for our members who have a checking account with us.  The debit card can be used at any retailer that accepts VISA and for withdrawing cash worldwide at almost any ATM.  It provides the convenience of accessing the funds in your checking account without the hassle of writing a check. Members with our VISA debit card find they travel with little or no cash as the card is so convenient to use.  If the card is lost or stolen, just call us and we will immediately lock your card.  If you carry cash and it is lost–well, you know what that means.

Debit cards are especially convenient for gasoline purchases and shopping on the internet.  Additionally, it provides the same transaction protections as making a purchase using a credit card.  That is, if you make a phone or internet purchase, but never receive the merchandise, the charges can be refunded.  In that regard, it is better than a check.  The FREE VISA debit card–make sure you  have one in your wallet.

To activate your new card or to report your card lost or stolen please call VISA at 866-446-6638.

Click here for a new Debit Card!

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